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The Problem

Chino Braxton, a very popular influencer from Baltimore, was tired of being known as just a dirt bike rider. Going into early adulthoodm, he wanted to challenge himself as a business man. He wanted to create something that would make people look at him in more of an entrepreneurial light, and he wanted to provide a tangible item that his fans could support.

Our Solution

We created a capsule collection that combined all of his core values : Streetwear, Loyalty, and Dirt Bike Riding.

Services Rendered

To make sure the story telling was cohesive all around, we crafted a custon digital marketing strategy that was organic to him, as well as produced all of the content. We completed the following services :

  • Merch Design
  • Merch Production
  • Content Creation
  • Photo + Video
  • Social Media Management
  • Web Design
  • Growth Strategy
  • Copywriting


  • Sold Out 100% ** First collection sold out >12hrs
  • Customers from the UK, Australia, and France
  • 56.8% of customers came directly from Instagram Bio
  • 42.7% coming from IG stories (Swipe Up Link)
  • 20K + follower increase (IG)
  • 21% engagement increase (IG)
  • Signed to UA within one year
  • Signed to Roc Nation within two years

Client Review

Working with Ray, Donye, and the whole TDF team was fire. They took a chance with me with this project, and I appreciate them so much for that. They knocked everything out the park and was so organized. I never sold merch before so I was a little weary, but everything sold out. The fans loved it, and it definitely opened a lot of doors for me. I will always reach out to them because they know how to come up with marketing ideas that's organic to my personal brand that works and isn't forced.