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Content Creation, Ideation, Social Media Management,

Copywriting, Community Management, Video Editing, Filter Creation, Influencer Marketing

#CultureTags is a black owned game based off of acronyms. Culturetags selected TDF as their agency partner for all things social.


Since working with TDF, Culturetags has :

- been picked up by Target

- increased their following by 500%+ within 7 months

- increased engagement by 200%

- crushed their sales goals.

before vs after


What makes you want to buy a game? Watching other people play. 

We staged multiple game like scenarios to use for content in order to increase sales. 

We created a visual timer on the bottom of the video to increase audience retention, and added subtitles to make the content more accessible for all. 

Video content has generated the most website clicks on social for #culturetags.


We took advantage of many cultural moments in order to make the brand

more relevant across all generations.

instagram filter

How do you get people to buy your game? Give them a chance to try it out before-hand!
We created this filter that mimicked the game. The filter was a hit on social, and generated over

300K impressions within 45 days.