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Updated: Aug 19

About The Brand : CultureTags is a spirited game for individuals who love the culture. We created a social media strategy to position Culture Tags as the “go-to” game for ALL generations.

What we did :

Social Media Management, Content Creation, Ideation, IG Filter Creation, Digital Strategy, Community Management, Copywriting

The Content


Early on, we noticed that CultureTags had a lot of user generated content. We wanted to create a template that was clean and neat, but still organic to the brand. We added subtitles to increase views, and added a sliding timer to build suspense to keep the user engaged.

These videos performed extremely well and generated 20% higher engagement rates compared to videos that did NOT have this format.


We produced a number of graphics in order to promote the game. We wanted to keep the aesthetic of the page very fun and didn't want it to look too branded, so we developed multiple templates to keep things fresh and new (Swipe)


The results that were generated from managing their social media was unbelievable.


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