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Eat The Capital

About The Brand : Eat The Capital is a Washington DC foodie based blog. They work with restaurants to help them with their content, and use their following to leverage brand deals in order to make revenue.

The Problem : The viral foodie blog had a ton of followers on social media, but had no website or digital strategy to capture data - meaning if instagram shut down, they would be screwed. They had no visual identity outside of the photos that they took, and no online presence outside of social media. The ETC team wanted to create a digital home for their brand so that they can connect with customers on a deeper level, and have more leverage when pitching to provide clients.

The Solution : Create a website, branding identity, and monetization strategy in order to stand out from the rest of the foodies, while also providing extreme value to their clients by having followers and data.

What we did :

Website Design, Logo Design, Content Creation, Digital Strategy

Might want to turn your sound on for this one :


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